Practicing with Playback

When you look back at this time, what will you remember about how you chose to be?

Join us to discover Playback wisdom and tools that will help you navigate fear and uncertainty more skillfully, stay connected, and practice active hope.

6 weekly 30 minute sessions beginning Wednesday, Sept 2nd/ 4:00-4:30pm (PLEASE ARRIVE 5 MIN EARLY)

Each session will be led by a Playback Memphis Ensemble member and explore a foundational attitude integral to our Playback practice through a brief experiential activity followed by shared reflection.

‘ZoomIN’ with Playback for connection and community healing!

Attend sessions on drop-in basis or sign up for all 6. Limited space available.

Sessions are FREE

Experiential activities may include:

  • mindful movement and breathing
  • guided visualization
  • story telling and compassionate listening
  • reflective writing exercises
  • improv games
  • expressive movement/ singing

All sharing and engagement is by invitation. Participate in whatever way feels right for you.

Here’s the Lineup:

Curiosity (9/02- Led by Virginia Murphy)

We believe that any experience that arises gives us the opportunity to discover and learn something if we turn our attention and curiosity to it. Every moment can be perceived more fully if approached with curiosity, so we ask ourselves frequently “What is here that I am not aware of?”

Gratitude and Generosity (09/09- Led by Ekpe Abioto) 

We are often by default operating from a place of ‘not enoughness’. Cultivating gratitude and generosity allows us to shift our attention to peace, contentment, and calm rather than be driven by desire and discontent. This also deepens our understanding of our interconnectedness with all beings.

Patience (09/16- Led by Wayne Smith)

We recognize that most of us are habitually impatient and as we rush through moments we miss a lot of detail and also potential joy. We commit to noticing how this colors our experience and we commit to practicing patience. We understand that often things will and need to unfold in their own time.

Trust (09/23- Led by Holly Lau)

We have a saying in Playback – “With trust, anything is possible. Without it, almost nothing at all.” We commit ourselves to always being guided by the question- “How am I being worthy of other’s trust?”

Humor (09/30- Led by Darius Wallace)

A wise person once said, “Life is way too serious to take too seriously.” Humor allows us to take a step back from a particular situation, see the habits or our mind, and recognize our shared humanity – that we are all just stumbling our way towards freedom.

Non-Judging (10/7- Led by Bob Klyce) 

Non judging is pretty much impossible because we have an opinion about everything. No matter what arises in our experience, be it internal or external, we have something to say about it. Our commitment at Playback Memphis is to simply practice first noticing our constant tendency to blame, shame, judge, diagnose- and not judge the judging, but observe and see the effect it has while being guided by the question – Can we suspend judgment at times? Can we see that our opinions are often just products of a habit that we don’t have to reinforce?

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