Good People of Playback (Kristin Fox-Trautman)

KFT loves Playback because of the walls it helps tear down.

How long have you lived in Memphis? 

Since 1994 (with a couple of adventures out of Memphis during that time).

How long have you been a part of Playback Memphis? 

For three years.

What/Who inspired you to get involved with Playback? 

I was really attracted to Playback because of how it helps people to connect with our common humanity and to grow in empathy. I had the opportunity to support Playback in some strategic planning work that led to an expansion of their impact. For this, I am so grateful.


Lucas Trautman.


Two, Myra and Leia.

What do your friends and family think about your Playback-ing?

My family loves my Playback family! My husband came with me to a Memphis Matters show and was totally blown away. As a mental health professional, he could really see the value of Playback as a tool for healing and transformation.

How do you most love to spend your time when you are not Playback-ing? 

I love traveling with my family and having new experiences that expand our hearts and minds.

What is calling you to be brave these days? 

Outside of my work with Playback, I recently opened a new community cafe, and we have a mission of providing living wage jobs, providing fresh and healthy food options and creating an inspiring space for people to connect and collaborate for a more just and compassionate Memphis. Starting something from scratch has definitely called me to be brave.  I feel very passionate about economic justice issues and believe that people who work their tails off shouldn’t be living in poverty (which so many Memphians do).  Memphis has a high poverty rate, and so many people are working full time and still not able to meet their families’ basic needs. Raising awareness of this reality and helping to create a new economic model will require courage and steadfastness, for sure.

Where do you find joy in your life these days? 

I find daily joy in parenting my two girls…their laughter and sense of wonder help me to keep a light heart!

What do you love about Memphis? 

I love the entrepreneurial spirit of Memphis…so many people striving every day to try new things to make Memphis a better place.

What are you most proud of in your life and work? 

I am proud that I have followed my sense of calling when making decisions about my life and work. I believe we all have a unique purpose in this world, and it’s a daily adventure living into our true self.

Why does Playback matter to you? 

Playback matters to me because I believe it has the power to transform hurts and divisions. Its unique art form based on the true stories of individuals helps us to see one another as we truly are and to connect in authentic ways.

Why should Playback matter to others? 

I’ve seen Playback break down barriers between police officers and ex-offenders; if it can do this, it can do almost anything!

What audience would you like to engage through Playback that Playback hasn’t yet? 

People from differing political views. Our society has become so polarized, and we quickly demonize others, creating deeper divisions and animosity.

What’s your Playback dream? 

For Playback to support the transformation of policing culture, so that all people are treated with equal dignity and respect and protection.

What’s your favorite Playback form- fluids, pairs, etc? Why? 

Pairs, because it illustrates the often-contradictory feelings we experience as humans.

Does one Playback performance stand out as profoundly affecting to you? 

The one at Frayser Matters where a young man described his experience of having the opportunity to sing at an event at Ed Rice Community Center when he was a child and how his gift was affirmed and celebrated… and how he was now getting ready to go to college to study music in California. The actor, Janelle, did a really beautiful job of portraying this journey and of wisely bringing the young man into the “playback” to sing a song in his own voice. Such a powerful experience!

Favorite cocktail? 


If you had to pick one ensemble member or staffer to give your eulogy (to speak at your funeral), who would it be and why? 

Ann Wallace…we have worked together for many years in several different contexts, and she is consistently one of the wisest and most loving people I know.



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