Playback Memphis 2017 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

As I reflect on 2017, and all that we quested after, accomplished and enhanced, I couldn’t be more proud and grateful. Now, we are poised for an even bigger year with our tenth anniversary as an organization on the horizon. The promise of our future is powerful, my friends!

Our programs, Be the Peace, Memphis Matters and Performing the Peace, to name a few, are profoundly impacting our community and those who call Memphis home. Donors like you are unlocking healing, transformation, and joy in our city every day.

Because of you, MPD officer Chris Street, who, in the past, sometimes met aggression with violence on the job, now garners trust in the community by applying empathic listening, non-violent communication, and cultural humility. And the impact doesn’t stop there. 2017 also brought Playback Cultural Awareness training for all new recruits at MPD and a commitment from leadership to make this training mandatory. You are the reason we are able to support law enforcement in better serving the community.

You are the reason our Lifeline Apprentice Ensemble members led inspiring, transformative change in their neighborhood in 2017 through Be the Peace. And you are the reason 5th graders, King and Terry, now use I-Statements to resolve classroom conflict peacefully.

You are the reason more people know about our mission and work.

We are honored and privileged to share this report with you and hope you will join us for a future performance in the following months ahead. We couldn’t do this work without you.

Together, through Playback we are building beloved community in spaces where this has been unimaginable. We are growing together in awareness and compassion, building a legacy of safety, kinship, and hope for future generations.

Please click the link below to review and enjoy our 2017 Annual Report.

PM – Annual Report – 2017 – v9a

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