Q & A with Pam McDonnell, 2017 holiday card artist

Art by Pam McDonnell.

The 2017 Playback Memphis Holiday Card is here! To learn more about our artist, Pam McDonnell, and the art, please see below. To order cards, click here to get started and here to fill out your list. You can also contact Ozge Kovarik at [email protected].

What does this piece mean to you?

I started doing the mandala pieces last year when I was healing from a great loss. They are about cycles, healing and continuing onward. The piece for Playback uses an image of cast members reaching out to the audience, which is a great metaphor for what Playback does for our community.

Why do you believe in Playbacks mission?

I believe in healing and Playback provides healing to a wide range of audiences and groups who have been wounded. Through story telling and deep listening, Playback teaches us how to be vulnerable, open up and feel ourselves again.

What would you tell someone who know nothing of Playback Memphis?

I would say, and I often do, that you MUST go to a Memphis Matters show to understand how Playback healing works. You must be there to hear the stories, watch how the cast listens, and then receive their empathy in return when the story is played back to the audience.

How can people access more of your work?

2017 holiday card artist Pam McDonnell.

A studio visit can be scheduled by emailing me at [email protected], my work is also on my website at pammcdonnellart.com and I post photos of my work in progress on my Instagram page @pmcdonnellart.


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