Restoring Hope in Memphis

“Most people got stuff on their heart. All I want to do is just get it off my chest. All I want you to do is listen to me. And I think Playback gives you that. So I think you can get a lot of stuff off your chest that you been holding back for years.”

On Sept 28, Playback Memphis will begin its second session of Performing the Peace, which brings Memphis police officers together with ex-offenders to build trust, respect and mutual understanding using the Playback process.

With the recent increase in tension between police and the community, we know how timely and important it is to break down the barriers and pre-conceived opinions of each other. Learning the Playback process allows participants to truly listen and understand each other.

During the 12 sessions, the goal is to create an open dialogue between police and ex-offenders to build an authentic and positive relationship between the two groups so, together, they can find ways to effectively address the underlying systemic issues that prevent better relations. Playback Memphis is committed to strengthening the emotional and relational health of everyone involved in this work.

At the end of the seven weeks, participants will perform in their own Playback show. Stay tuned for more information about this special show.

Participants will also join with 2014 Performing the Peace graduates and use the rich learning they experienced to inform the development of trainings at the Memphis Police Department Training Academy, with the goal of strengthening the practice of emotional wellness in law enforcement.

In case you missed it, click here to watch 2014 Performing the Peace participants Officer Joy Knowlton and Will Golden speak about their experience on Live at 9.

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