Memphis Matters

Memphis Matters audiences connect with the heart of Memphis

Every year Playback Memphis hosts 6 Memphis Matters public performances which pay forward 6 Community Matters performances giving hundreds of individuals the healing experience of Playback Theatre.

February 28, 2015 - Playback Memphis - Memphis Matters Performance at TheatreSouth (Photo by Mike Brown)

Whatever role YOU play in the community, Memphis Matters invites you to come and share your experience of living and working in our city. What’s rich and wonderful? What’s complex and challenging?

Seeing these impressions, observations and stories come to life via Playback informs our perceptions of a shared community and focuses our collective civic spirits on the challenges we have in common and the triumphs that makes us all proud.

Don’t have a story to tell? Feel free to participate or simply observe. Playback lifts spirits and heals Memphis — one story at a time.

 Community Matters 
All ticket proceeds from every Memphis Matters pay forward Community Matters experiences. Our Community Matters program offers a partnership with any organization working with those who have a real human imperative to share their stories and benefiting groups in need such as at risk youth, immigrants, veterans, survivors of domestic violence, seniors – everyone with a stake in the future of our special city.

In this partnership, we offer a performance that will be specifically themed for the partner as well as six complimentary tickets for the partner organization to experience Memphis Matters (2017 dates include: March 4th, June 3rd, Aug 26th, Oct 7th, Dec 1st and 2nd). We also love highlighting and promoting the good work of our Community Matters partners to our Memphis Matters audiences through performance, social media and word of mouth. We seek to collaborate with partners to foster dialogue, awareness and synergies of mission.

Community Matters experiences can integrate key public health messaging and focus on vital community concerns such as bullying, domestic violence, substance abuse, suicide awareness and teenage pregnancy. Themes can be custom tailored as well. No matter the theme, Playback always brings stories to life in a safe space, helping unlock healing and promoting transformation, and joy.

We want to congratulate and welcome our 2017 Community Matters Partners!

Our 2017 Community Matters partners:

  • Cocaine/Alcohol Recovery Program (CAPP, Inc)
  • Life Story Program at Christ Community Health Services Women’s Health Center (Parenting Workshop for teenage mothers)
  • Thistle and Bee Enterprise
  • Family Matters
  • Advance Memphis
  • Alzheimer and Dementia Services


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Tennessee Arts Commission
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Hyde Family Foundation

Playback Memphis is proud to be supported by Arts Memphis, the Tennessee Arts Commission, the First Tennessee Foundation and the Hyde Family Foundations.
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