Be the Peace!

Playback equips youth with anti-bullying skills

Be the Peace! is an anti-bullying program that helps foster a school-wide culture of trust, empathy and respect by teaching and performing Playback theatre with youth. The model was originally created by Jo Salas, founding member of the original Playback theatre company in New York, who traveled to Memphis to train twelve Playback Memphis actors to implement the model.

Be the Peace:

  • Educates students about bullying so that they understand clearly what it is (and how it’s different from fighting)
  • Provides affirmation and relief for students who have been bullied
  • Empowers witnesses who want to decrease school bullying
  • Provides a vocabulary to discuss and report bullying
  • Identifies specific actions that students can take

During Be the Peace! youth spend eight weeks learning Playback theatre techniques and exploring their own stories around bullying. They then perform alongside professional Playback actors for an audience of their peers.

Playback Memphis Founder and Director, Virginia Murphy, is also a certified trainer in the Olweus Bullying Prevention model. Olweus is a research based, school-wide program designed and evaluated for use in elementary, middle, junior high or high schools.

Schools interested in addressing and preventing bullying – as well as improving school climate through a comprehensive, systems approach – should consider implementing the Olweus model alongside Be the Peace! for the deepest impact.

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